Cluck U(niversity)

Cluck UWelcome to the homepage of all things Cluck U(niversity)! What is Cluck U, you ask?

Cluck U, the comedy business coaching arm of Mother Cluckers Comedy, brings the power of comedy and storytelling to entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking to hone your public speaking skills, make positive and meaningful connections with clients or co-workers, or just bring more joy to your workday, comedic storytelling training is beneficial to any business owner.

Human connection is an essential part of how we live our lives. Whether you’re trying to make personal connections to build dynamic relationships at work or wishing to branch out within your community, it can be tough to get outside your comfort zone. An exciting (and fun!) way to do so is by embracing the world of comedy.

Comedy will help you feel more confident in your daily interactions while having a blast along the way. Storytelling has brought people together for millennia, and now is the time to start telling yours.

To get started, email KT Speetzen at hey@mothercluckerscomedy dot com, or take this fun video quiz to find out who you comedic alter-ego is. OOH! ALTER-EGO!

Who IS my comedic alter-ego?