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Mother Cluckers Comedy!
What is Mother Cluckers Comedy? It's the place on the web for all things hysterical, uplifting, and generally fabulous. Mother Cluckers Comedy is comprised of two amazing companies:
The Mother Cluckers and Cluck U(niversity).
So What Are You Here For?

The Mother Cluckers
The Mother Cluckers is an all female comedy troupe located in the Chicagoland area. We focus on the hilarity, insanity, and drinkability of parenthood with monthly shows, amazing afterparties, and charity events. With over 30 rotating Chicagoland area comics, The Mother Cluckers welcomes comics at any level. For showtimes, how to get involved, and just a clucking good time, use The Mother Cluckers button below.
Cluck U(niversity)

Cluck U, the comedy business coaching arm of MCC, brings the power of comedy and storytelling to entrepreneurs. Whether you're looking to hone your public speaking skills, make positive and meaningful connections with clients or co-workers, or just bring more joy to your workday, comedic storytelling training is beneficial to any business owner. Cluck U highlights both online and in-person trainings, click the CLUCK U button below.

Let's Get Your Funny On.
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